Linkgood is another series derived from PUNGROW. It includes in Pungrow blocks and soft tubes to make various shapes and orbits products.
·Perfectly realized diversity and scalability of plastic arts
    The soft tubes could create numerous models from daily life through twisting, bending and curving some radians and types and matching other accessories. However, linkgood stick is a kind of simple tubular structure, so it is somewhat limited to do solid structures. To match Pungrow blocks could make up the drawbacks on structure and function. The combined two different materials and natures produce endless possibilities on extensibility.
·Linkgood orbits + blocks
    Linkgood stick is a patent product in S-Up kids, and it is absolutely different with other similar products in the market. While it creates various models, it could make orbits that children is keen on currently.
Linkgood series

   Twisting Fun

   Item No.: SUP-12010396

   Magic Track

   Item No.: SUP-12010397

     Rainbow Bridge & K-cube

     Item No.: SUP-12010395

   New products to be updated

   Item No.: SUP-NNN



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