Hands are brain of the body.
------Kant (a famous German philosopher)
Wisdom of children is on their fingers.
------Sukhomlinskii ( a famous former Soviet educator)
Children always think by their hands and hands are wisest tool in other body functions.
------Ruixue Sun (a famous China early education expert)
    Hand-actions of babies are self expressions and are good for intelligence development.
    0-2 years old babies consciously want to use their hands. Parents can help them to exercise skills among fingers, palm and wrist so that can improve hands development. According to Italy educator Montesorri, babies can learn necessary operational ability from daily life and even survival skills through hands training. BabyFun Dynamic Version is designed to stimulate babies brains and hands in different development stages and cultivate their independence, confidence, concentration and creative ability.
    Over 2 years old babies, they have rich imagination and can transform some things into their imaginary world when they meet in daily life. In this period, babies should learn more things from playing to expand their expressions, imagination and creativity.
    Products material can be bitten with month.
    Products complied with national toy safety standard and EU inspection certification for children aged 2 or up.
·Conform babies physiological characteristics
    A. Babies like to tossing something. BabyFun blocks designed firmness and beat resistance.
    B. For 12 months babies and up physiological characteristics
    BabyFun’s size is suit for baby hands so that can bring rich sense of touch to 0-2 years old babies.
    Force of insertion and extraction is proper for exercising muscles and arm strength.
·Building easily and various models
    Less blocks can create vivid models to expand babies’ imagination and creativity.
BabyFun Series

   Moment of Warm and Fun

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   Choo-Choo Go

   Item No.: SUP-1301323

   Blocks Transform

   Item No.: SUP-1301324

   Gears&Magnetics Set

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